Tips on How to Improve Your Sales Meeting With the Use of Corporate Entertainment

Break away from the ringing phones, keyboard clicking and incoming faxes by providing entertainment for your sales meeting. “Sales meeting” may seem like a stuffy word, but you will find a variety of ways to entice your audience to get involved.If you are planning to organize a sales meeting, you have to ensure that this event will turn into a productive and entertaining one. The best way to improve your sales meeting is through the use of entertainment. How can you do that? The answer is very simple. If you don’t know how, simply use the following as your reference:

Provide Your Audience a Perfect Reason to Attend the Meeting – As the host of the sales meeting, you have to entice your audiences to participate in the event. This reason should give a precise sense of purpose and also relate to the company’s goals and missions. A precise purpose creates a feeling of teamwork and shared ownership to unite everyone in the room.

Provide Your Core Message – The core message of the corporate meeting entertainment should include company news, strategic thinking and insight. This message shows that the company values its employees enough to share their vision, challenges and expectations.

Help People Visualize the Message – You can help your audience visualize the message with the help of supporting graphics and even MAGIC. Say for instance, if you want to introduce a certain product, you can hire an entertainer or a magician to make the products or CEO appear and disappear. You can also meld the magic with the message you opt to convey to your audiences.

Make a Compelling Pace – As a facilitator, you have to strictly follow the company’s agenda and create a logical conclusion. Your main goal is to establish momentum and deliver a momentous payoff, whatever size of the sales meeting.

Get People Excited about the Message – Make sure that you give them reasons to act on it. Your meeting entertainment must give people a reason to believe in the company, the message and the future.
When it comes to sales meetings, meetings incentive travel or other corporate activities, some say that it is hard to entertain their audiences since they are discussing meticulous and important business deals. However, what they don’t realize is that most businessmen and audiences encourage participating in the sales meeting if there is an exceptional and exciting activity. This is the reason why most people prefer to hire not just an ordinary magician, but a professional corporate entertainer.

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